Pet male puppy - R5 000
Pet female puppy - R8 000
Show dogs from about R35 000
To book a puppy, you need to email me all your contact details and what exactly you want at hrolfes@lantic.net.
I do not sell puppies under 12 weeks.

I currently have no puppies available.  Please email me if you would like to be placed on my waiting list.

If you are interested in a retired adult dog, please contact me.  I do sometimes place neutered/spayed adult dogs in special homes.

I have decided to include this page as I get many emails and phone calls asking me for puppies and show dogs.

From left to right Ch & Ch(Zim) Wampum Big Foot and his sister Wampum First Lady at 5 weeks with their mother Ch Marvess Dazzlyn Goddess

I don't breed often and I essentially breed for myself. My dogs are my children. I don't have kennels. My dogs all live in the house and have the run of the house and the garden. They are not penned or boxed. My litters are raised in my bedroom next to my bed.

If I breed, it may happen that I can keep only one puppy for myself and that there is another puppy of show quality or for a pet. In this case I need to have developed a relationship with the prospective new owner. I will never send a dog to a stranger. I want to know who they are, how many dogs they have, where the dogs live, if they rehome older dogs, if their partner likes dogs, and I want to continue to know how my dog is getting on for the rest of his/her life. For this reason, it doesn't help sending me an email asking me for a price.

If you are still interested, I suggest you get to know me and vice versa. I will always try to match a puppy with a new home where I believe they will fit in well and be happy.

I'd like to supply some price guidelines here, because too many people phone me actually wanting a maltese-type puppy (white fluffy) for a cut-price amount.  My puppies, when available, will sell for R5000 for a pet male puppy and R8000 for a pet female puppy.  Pet puppies come with restricted registration papers and cannot be bred from.  Show puppies are not sold in South Africa, and normally go to serious breeders abroad.  Prices for these puppies are in line with world prices, about USD 5000 (R35 000).

Lola and Casper
Lola and Casper
Phoenix, Storm and Holly
Libby and Baldric
Snoopy and Peanut
Phoenix, Storm and Holly
Zinzi, Fred and Rupert