Dam: Sumartra I Won't Give Roses (Imp UK)
Sire: Ch(SA) & Ch(Zim) Wampum Big Foot
DOB: 18/02/2002
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Height: 9.8"

I sent my beautiful Maus to Italy, to visit Tiziana Saracini of Dell'Arno D'Argento Maltese and to be shown and campaigned in Europe. She used Maus at stud in return.  Maus was made up in 6 shows flat with 6 CACIBs and a BIS all breeds on the way.  She had promised me she would care for him, look after his teeth and coat and I believed her.  I'm not sure what happened, but the dog I received back in February of 2006 nearly broke my heart.

His coat was more broken than any broken coat I have ever set eyes on.  I had no option but to clip him off.  He had raging fungal ear infections, deep brown stains down the sides of his head.  His teeth were filthy and he lost 2 when I had them cleaned by my vet.  He had a tape worm infestation which was so advanced it had already caused a digestive tract and urinary infection.  He was quiet, almost broken spirited.  He won't allow me to touch his mouth even now.  He now doesn't want me to cut his nails which he never minded.  After 3 months of hard work he is starting to come out of his shell again, wags his tail, kisses me, has started barking at everything again but won't leave me out of his sight and doesn't want to leave my front gate.

To this day she has not contacted me to explain the state of my dog.  Thank goodness I did not sell him to her.

At 13 months
Photo by Lasting Image

Maus wins BIS all breeds at his first show in Bologna, Italy under Jovica Balac (Croatia)

In Arezzo on 22 January 2005, Maus wins CAC, CACIB and BOB under Michael Forte (Eire)

The BOB moment in Arezzo

Maus on the move in Arezzo

Maus won reserve best South African bred dog in the 2003 AnimalTalk Pedigree SA bred invitational stakes at WODAC at 15 months
Judges: Lynn (Bell) Brand, Martin Croeser and Wendye Slatyer (Australia)

Championship Show Puppy Group 1sts in 2002 under Ken Hogg, Coen Huyzers, Liz Williams, Chan Weng Woh (Malaysia) & Brigitte Simpson
Best Puppy in Show - Eastern Districts Open Show 2003 (Bronwyn Hudson & Wayne Wakfer)
Best Junior in Show - Kennel Association Ch Show 2003 (Pat de Coning & Graham Thompson)
Reserve Best in Show - Kennel Association Ch Show 2003 (Pat de Coning & John Rademan)
Best Reserve in Show - Natal Toy Dog Club Ch Show 2003 (Elizabet Caminade-Lavault(Zim))

At 6 months
Photo by Beuchat

Photo by Beuchat

Pedigree for Ch Wampum Pied Piper 'Maus'
Ch(SA) & Ch(Zim) Wampum Big Foot
Ch(SA) Ellwin Royal Jester
Ellwin Toppers Jewel
Ellwin Glory Dancer
Ch(SA) Marvess Dazzlyn Goddess
Mannsown Zebadeee of Marvess
Marvess Dazzlyn Tinsel
Sumartra I Won't Give Roses
Ch(UK) Villarose Step'n Out In Style
Ch(UK) Villarose Chocolate Charmer
Ch(UK) Villarose Sweet 'n Saucey
Sumartra Spanish Eyes
Ch(UK) Marvess Silver Nugget
Vittoriosa Heartbreaker

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